Posted By: at 04/04/20


trinket was born out of equal parts passion for art and design, and frustration with the oftentimes whitewashed landscape of these spheres. it was conceptualized by a desire to help others surround themselves with beautifully designed artifacts that reflect their own varied experiences as artists, creators, and people of color.

as the folks grow more conscious of the importance of shopping small, trinket aims to take that ethos a step further: when you shop at trinket every purchase is supporting an artist, maker, or designer of color. you are investing in bipoc communities in brooklyn, london, los angeles, and beyond.

trinket was founded by erika briggans-jones (she/her), a biracial black woman and graphic designer based in brooklyn, new york.


we're always looking for the next best thing, so if you have a brand you'd like to see us carry, hit us up!